A community dedicated to computer
science teaching and learning in NYC.


CSTA-NYC is a community dedicated to computer science teaching and learning in NYC. We are hub for a connected community of K-12 educators, researchers, content providers, funders, industry, and others. This hub builds the capacity, content knowledge, and confidence of this community. We support one another and contribute to the field of K-12 CS education.


CSTA-NYC is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of those interested in computer science education in NYC. We host regular gatherings where we conduct professional development sessions, share knowledge and resources with each other, and discuss the future of computer science education. Attending our Meetup is a great way to introduce yourself to our community.

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We send a monthly newsletter to our members with the goal of providing access to opportunities and resources to the NYC teachers and learners of computer science. Our newsletter regularly includes events, learning opportunities (both online and offline), news highlights, job openings, and community stories. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know regarding CS education happenings in NYC!

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The diversity of New York City is its strength. The CSTA-NYC community reflects that diversity in more ways than one. Our members are teachers, policy makers, technologists, researchers, students, and activists. Our members hail from Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, New Jersey, and Staten Island. And our community serves all the CS learners of NYC. Whatever your experience, skill level, or background, you belong in the CSTA-NYC.

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